This blog post has the power to increase your reach, engagement and sales.


It’s pretty powerful. But it’s simple too… and you’re going to love it.

I specifically used this technique when launching  Email Insider recently.

Email Insider made over $5K in sales and was awarded WSO of the day.

Part of the reason is what you are about to discover here

It was incredibly simple and also incredibly powerful.

It increased sales, revenue and exposure.

It determined the subject line of the Warrior Forum post thread.

It determined the WSO of Day subject line.

It determined the name of the thread in the Warrior Forum subject line

WSO of Day Image


It determined the initial launch email subject line.

It played a massive role in the rest of the campaign to get eyeballs on the offer.


It was pretty simple.

I sent out two pre launch emails to one of my “freebie” seeker list with two different subject lines. Whichever one performed the best is the one that I would send out to:

a) my pre launch list

b) my buyers list

c) my general list

Knowing this made the results more predictable.

Can you guess what the subject line winner was:

split test

Clearly the ‘8 Emails = $2845.45. Here’s How…(brand new) was the winner.

When you start looking at how those numbers stack up I was pretty happy with the results.

Simple to do.

Can mean the difference between success and failure during the launch of a new product (or anytime really)

Get into split testing your email subject lines before sending them out.

Results might surprise you.

Drop any questions / comments below


Rob Stafford


PS. Split testing is fun and awesome and can result in massive results!

Jason and Charles have split tested the crap out of these proven subject lines to get massive results:

if you’re interested in a pretty sweet shortcut to big results then it’s worth picking this up for around ~$7

Proven subject lines that convert


PPS. I also mentioned yesterday that Ryan Deiss sent out an email about some of the subject lines he has

seen massive results with.. Here’s a link to that post:





Check out the video below to get a peek into my day to day life.


In a summary I guess you could say that the previous few months have been consumed with:

  • Travel (for work and pleasure)
  • Family
  • Partying (woop woop)
  • Beach times
  • Friends and immense love

For me that’s a pretty sweet mix and something that I am incredibly grateful for.

It has been absolutely fantastic recording one second everyday (though I have missed a fair few) and something I’m going to continue to do.

If you want to download the app too you can pick it up here:

(no affiliate links there :))

Try and do it for just 30 days and see how addictive it becomes, it really is a great way to bring your memories to life.

Drop a comment in the comments below and let me know if you download the app, using the app, intend to use the app?

Chat soon,

Rob Stafford




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