Simple Ways to Create High Converting Solo Ad Copy and Example Solo Ad Copy

by Rob Stafford

A solo ad generally goes to someone else’s email list with a link to your squeeze page. The ultimate goal of a solo ad is to entice the reader to come to your squeeze page and ultimately, make them join your list. This process, although simple by name can be slightly complex by nature and I see people messing it up all the time. Solo ad copy needs to work, it needs to produce results. So how do we make this happen?

Great Subject Line

This is where we are going for the open.

Without a great subject, the reader won’t even open the email. There are two elements that I always add in the solo ad copy’s subject line: benefit and curiosity. It means that the subject should be good enough to make the reader understand that reading the email will benefit them and at the same time, should create curiosity in the reader’s mind about the email’s content.

Let me explain this for you with 3 examples:

For Subject line: “Get your $0 dollar report on losing weight”

There is no persuasion in this subject; it will fail to make the reader curious either.

For Subject line: “5 ways to get a bikini body by spring guaranteed”

Readers may be curious after reading this subject, and they may like to find out the 5 ways mentioned in the subject. But, you can make things even better.

For Subject line: “15 stone woman becomes a size 12 in 3 months. Find out how ….”

This one is the best of the lot because it is specific. The title is compelling enough to make the reader open the email.

Solo Ad Body Content

This is where we are going for the click.

There should be little to no fluff in the ad and it should be related to the squeeze page to which you are linking. Also, the solo ad should not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. The language you use should be easy to understand and it must convince the reader that you have the perfect solution to their problem.

The ultimate aim of the solo ad is to bring the reader to your squeeze page.  Once they are at the squeeze page, the ultimate aim is to get them to opt in, but that is a whole other story!

Example Solo Ad Copy

Here is a pretty powerful example of some solo ad copy:

Subj: Best Squeeze Page Ever

Hey {!firstname_fix},

You gotta check out this great free squeeze page

that gets conversions as high as 89.3%

Click Now for Instant Access

*your name*

P.S. After signing up, watch the video on the next page. Some say it’s genius and after watching it, well I’d have to agree!

Super High Converting Squeeze Page

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