Bulletproof Executive & Other Awesome Resources

by Rob Stafford

Lately I’ve stumbled across three incredible thinkers that have been inspiring me. I want to share them with you too, to inspire you and show you what info I’ve been consuming outside of the Internet Marketing (IM) world


They are not necessarily in the internet marketing (IM) space, but they are tied into performance and mind and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, along with creating their own life, which is pretty similar to what we’re doing day to day with IM.

  • Bulletproof Executive

This guy is all about “biohacking”. Essentially how to get the most out of yourself to maximise your performance.

Fascinating stuff and a slightly controversial figure but it’s interesting the experiments he runs on himself to really get the most out of his performance and hours in each day. Covering topics such as smart drugs (nootropics aka “the real life Limitless pills”), diet, creativity, intelligence and sex then redefining them, this guy is pretty interesting to follow.

I know I’m seeing results from implementing some of what he is talking about here:




  • Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week 

This is pretty much the first guy that opened my mind that there is a different way of living life. Rather than the 9-5 grind, or not doing what you love. He inspired me to think about things in different ways, specifically about how to create different sources of incomes that were not tied to physical locations.

He is still one of the most cutting edge and dynamic thinkers of our time and someone that is pushing boundaries, thinking big and absolutely crushing it.

I love how accessible he is and this information is.

You can check out his stuff here:





  • Ben Settle – Email Playa

This guy is tearing sh*t up in the internet marketing world in regards to emails. His style is truly unique, playful, fun and really awesome in general, total breath of fresh air.

He has an awesome podcast that provides boatloads of information as well as a sweet daily email that he sends out.

You can get more info about Ben Settle here:



Bring it together 

For me, I’m redefining my diet based on Tim Ferriss and the Bulletproof Executive (though it’s already pretty good, I’m always looking to enhance performance) and I’m consuming these guys podcasts and information in my “passive time”. Passive time could be when you’re driving some place, or walking to or from work etc.

Anytime I have some passive time, I jam in my headphones and listen to a podcast that inspires or challenges me. At the moment I’m being inspired and challenged by these three guys. If you’re not already paying attention to them, now may be a good time to get involved!

I’ve got some pretty interesting test and experiment results that I’ve been running coming up myself. Can’t wait to share them with you, though these ones revolve around split tests of squeeze pages and solo ad sellers, more than biohacking 🙂

Let me know in the comments if there is anyone that is inspiring or challenging you at at the moment. I’d love to hear about it


Rob Stafford

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