How to Outsource Solo Ads

by Rob Stafford

This process has saved me massive amounts of time, let me build a passive income stream and grow my business exponentially .

Now I want to give this to you.

Here it is. A step by step guide that will teach you exactly how to outsource this entire solo ad process so you can free up your time while your business is built for you.

Before you begin, it is going to be easiest (and give you the greatest visibility) if you can share an email address with your outsourcer. So either create a new one dedicated to solo ads, or if you are comfortable let them use yours. Probably best to create a new one to start. Something like is fine


Step 1. Go to Odesk

First stop we are heading across to Odesk, to find a high quality worker.

Click here

Odesk is a great resource that is one of the most respected outsourcing sites online.

See screen shot below to see how your ad on Odesk should look like:



Step 2. Job Ad and Prospects

Post a job description that is something like this:

“Hi, I’m looking for someone to help me out with about 5 – 10 hours of work per month.It is simple work for the right person. It involves emailing prospects, setting up links and tracking results of hits to a website. I have tracking spreadsheets and everything setup so you just need to enter the info into the sheet.

Some HTML experience required.

Good management and organizational skills are preferred too! This will be an ongoing job and I’m looking to build a long term working relationship with the right candidate.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your name”

You will be able to find someone who is willing to do this for around $3 an hour.

Get someone you think looks good, quickly and put them on a test of setting up the solo ad, check out next steps below.


Step 3. Finding solo ad sellers

(Bonus: You can share the Ultra Targeted Traffic PDF with your outsourcer, yes we give you permission. Show them it and get them to review it. Then get them to come back to you can explain to you what they think it means… this is a good test)

Once you have selected someone from the candidates that will apply, let them loose on these 3 places to find a solo for you:

  1. Warrior Forum

(If you have Ultra Targeted Traffic then don’t put them loose on the Clickbank sellers just yet. Let’s train them up a little before we get to that. If you don’t have it, it is great training all about solo ads)


Step 4. Questions

Once they have identified a good solo ad seller, get them to send through the crucial questions

  1. How have you built your list?
  2. What is your list mainly interested in?
  3. Will you be sending my solo ad out to your buyers too?
  4. Where can I sign up for your list?
  5. When is your earliest availability?


Once you have reviewed and approved the answers and seller, it is time to move onto the next part.

Or you can even just use the outsourcer to gather this information for you and decide which solo ad sellers will be the best match for your list. For example if you just get them to ask 50 solo ad sellers ‘what is your list interested in, then choose the ones that closely match with your squeeze page and offer. If there list is interested in list building and your squeeze page offer is about list building you will have a better opt in rate and percentage)


Step 5. Tracking Link

Get them to setup a unique tracking link with the solo ad sellers name in it. (You can use this video to train them):


Step 6: Send Copy and Tracking Link

Now you are going to get them to send through your killer solo ad copy with the tracking link they created through to the solo ad seller.


Step 7. Payment

Once the solo ad seller has reviewed your copy, squeeze page and offer they will request payment be sent through.

Get your outsourcer to send the payment link to you with the price of the ad, and the number of clicks.

You will then make payment and let the outsourcer know this has been completed.


Step 8. Results

As the results start coming in, send the tracking sheet to them so they are tracking the results.

You can download this here:


And how to use it (you can also send this across to your outsourcer too 🙂 ):


 Step 9: Repeat

Get them to repeat this activity around the same time each month. Sourcing solo ad sellers, setting up links, sending copy, waiting for approval and tracking the results.

All you really need to do is press the payment button!


Now you are free to either go and crush it online or play with your family or go surfing. All good options 🙂

Note: First couple of times will be training and getting it right but after that it is just a simple process that can be put on repeat.

If you want to know how to setup solo ads step by step or want the PDF that you can send straight across to the outsourcer that will literally train them for you then you can get it here right now for an absolute bargain

Solo Ads Step by Step

Let us know if you have questions.


Rob Stafford


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Rob Stafford is an experienced Internet Marketer. He is specialized in Solo Ads, Search Engine Optimization. Here he writes about solo ads tips, techniques. This is blog is maintained by Rob Stafford. He can be found on Google+, Facebook.

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