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by Rob Stafford

Matt Bacak’s Products


Check out all of Matt Bacak’s products and his latest WSO’s below (each of his products has a little description that goes along with it):


Looks at 31 quick, simple, but super effective ways to drive traffic to anything you want online. This is a way to generate just under 10,000 visits to any website you want every month. That’s pretty great if you can get your squeeze page to convert around 30%, you’re looking at 300 new leads a month onto your list….sweeeeet.

A video veteran and one of the sharpest video marketers out there teams up with Matt Bacak in one of the best video products created and released through the Warrior Forum. Absolute must see for anyone into video creation and marketing.

Here Matt Bacak peels back the lid on the millions of emails he has split tested over the years. Here are 47 simple, quick and easy ways that will increase your clicks and open rates.

“Get your hot little hands on over 420 proven words, transitions, cliches, verbs and headlines that you can adapt, tweak and alter… which puts more cold hard cash in your pocket”

says the copy on this one of Matt Bacaks product. And it pretty much delivers exactly that.

Seduce your list with sweet sweet words 🙂

This is Matt Bacaks product of over 2,800 emails that he has sent that have generated sales and cash. Incredibly powerful insider business intel.

The cool bit I liked was that he included the actual subject lines that he used within each of these emails.

This is a sweet little fly on the wall interview between two pretty incredible internet marketing and work horse minds. What these guys don’t know about email marketing isn’t really worth knowing.

Another interview with an internet marketing legend that details how to get more out of every marketing angle you take to ensure you are getting the greatest number of clicks to your offers. Solid info for the price.

Ah, this one is close to my heart. Detailed business intel that takes you into Matt Bacak’s little black solo ad book. It shows you the results of the solo ad buys that he has used and how he rates them. Go to the A++ sellers and boom, instant list.

This one does as it says on the tin.

1001 split-tested subject lines to get you open and click through rates that go through the roof.

Matt is pretty renowned for his relentless split testing, and now you can take a look at his method, but more importantly benefit from this results. Boom.
If you’re interested in picking up any of Matt Bacak’s Products then simply click the links above and go check them out.

One of the great things about this is that they really are timeless and evergreen. What is working today is what worked when these products were released and even before then.


Because a lot of them are based on human psychology and that my friend is pretty permanent and ingrained a lot of the time.

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Rob Stafford


PS. Matt Bacak is known for being a prolific internet marketer and creating a huge number of products.

He has been marketing online since 1999, and know his way around the internet.

After many successful Clickbank product launches, Matt Bacak’s products have mostly been focused around WSO launches lately.

He has been absolutely crushing it.

As of writing this he has been awarded WSO of the Day (or product of the day) an incredible 11 times and that really is just the beginning.

Pretty interesting guy to be aware of and understand how he creates his empire.

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