Secrets to Funnelling Your Buyers

by Rob Stafford

When buying solo ads you need to split your buyers out from the rest of your list the “freebie” seekers (for want of a better term)

When we put our buyers onto a separate list, we know where they are, these guys tend to be more responsive, and obviously they tend to buy more stuff. Awesome.

It’s a super simple procedure but one that many people either don’t do or get wrong.

I created a video about the process for you here:

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Here is the segmenting your list process in a nutshell:

This is for Aweber:

1) Go to your Aweber account.

2) Click on ‘My Lists’ and select ‘Automation’ from the drop down menu. That will take you to the ‘Automation Rules’ page.

3) Select from the drop down list of your auto responders list names the one that holds the  “freebie seekers”

4) When you’ve done that, move down the page to the ‘Action’ area.

5) Select the action you want from the drop down menu. In this case, you need to select:

‘Unsubscribe from (your prospect list) when lead subscribes to’

6) Once you’ve done that move to the right and select the list they will be joining when they buy your product.

So the full instruction reads:

‘Unsubscribe from (your prospect list) when lead subscribes to (your buyer list)’

Then click the green ‘Save Automation Rule’ button and you’re done!

Simple tip but super profitable!

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Rob Stafford

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Thank you so much Rob. This really helps a lot. Unfortunately, Aweber has done some changes on their page so it will be slightly different than the one you explain on the video. However, I still manage to do it.


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