Disgraceful Solo Ad Sellers & How & Why You Must Track Solo Ads

by Rob Stafford

Solo ad sellers are dodgy. Well not all of them. But some of them. It’s too easy to get away with it. Selling dodgy clicks for a quick and easy profit to unsuspecting or naive internet marketers. It’s real low life, desperado behaviour but it does happen.

I want to show you a few things in this post that are really going to help you out with your solo ads. Probably make you more money and also stop you from getting ripped off and them stealing your cash.

Examples of Dodgy Solo Ad Sellers

I can’t stand these guys. The ones that just fleece you for your cashola and send shit traffic

I want to show you just how simple it is to rip someone off using solo ads.

Dodgy Solo Ad Seller Example 1

Buy a solo ad from this guy and he pays people from a site called minuteworkers.com $0.10/hour to fill in the subscribes.

He was exposed on a respected solo ad resource site online by someone who bought a solo ad from him (not the owner of the site)

He posted this job up on Minute Workers:

Dodgy solo ad


and then sold solo ads guaranteeing traffic and clicks.

This is an example of the names that were signing up to his list that initially sent out warning bells:



(thanks Bertrando for doing the screen shots)

When he was confronted with this information, he came clean and said:

“Yes bro, you were right. But ever since i stopped during june july period, i used this method.”

Basically you are lead to believe you are getting a great opt in rate and subscribers, when what you are actually getting is a whole bunch of empty email addresses that go nowhere.

Worst part is he came recommended from one of the trusted solo ad resources online.

Dodgy Solo Ad Seller Example 2

Buy a guaranteed click solo ad from this guy and get shit traffic from a traffic exchange.

Sometimes solo ad sellers advertise that they are giving you traffic from their list that they have genuinely built, but in reality they are getting shitty traffic from a traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is a website which provides a service for webmasters in exchange for traffic.

So this type of traffic is clearly not one that has come from a email list that has been built up over time and not they type of targeted traffic that we want to be sending to our offers, especially when we are buying solo ads.

Remembers a solo ad is by definition an ad that is sent out to another marketers email list. So its not from a traffic exchange or safe list or other traffic strategy, it’s like a special issue of an mailout which simply contains a single ad.

You can see here the dodgy traffic from a site called Viral Nugget when one of our Inner Circle Solo Ad Members (LINK) purchased a solo ad from a dodgy seller:



How to track and monitor Solo Ad traffic

So how can we arm ourselves against these dodgy sellers so we know exactly where our traffic is coming from?

It’s all about tracking. This scares a lot of people. They think its too technical or too hard.

But I want to show you a simple and free way that we can understand our traffic and know where the clicks are coming from using this free tool from Google:


(See video below)

Using this simple tool to setup our tracking allows us to understand where our solo ad traffic is actually coming from and to make sure we are receiving legitimate traffic from countries where the buyers are (e.g. USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Europe as well as others)

The other way I track solo ad traffic is through the number of OTO (one time offer) buyers that I get onto my list. If there are a nice number of OTO buyers, this is another strong signal that we are getting strong traffic.

It’s easier if I show you this process to setup free tracking on video so check out the video below:

These are all crucial things you must know when going into the solo ad world, but really that is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you want me to take care of all this for you then join my Inner Circle Solo Ads Membership where I do all the hard work for you and test these guys out. If they are awesome I let you know and you can buy with confidence. If they are dodgy I let you know and you can stay away!

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Rob Stafford

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Rob Stafford is an experienced Internet Marketer. He is specialized in Solo Ads, Search Engine Optimization. Here he writes about solo ads tips, techniques. This is blog is maintained by Rob Stafford. He can be found on Google+, Facebook.

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@rob: You don’t indicate whether Google Analytics is required for this tracking and yet you show it in your video. How is the url builder integrated with google analytics?


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