[ICSA] “Matt Bacak’s Solo Ad Black Book is…” (my opinion)

Before we begin if you want to see all of:

Matt Bacak’s Products then follow the link 🙂

Now let’s get cracking:

So unless you are living under the ye olde rock you’re

probably aware that Matt Bacak has just released

his “solo ad black book”.

Basically he has rated and graded a huge

number of solo ad sellers.

When I heard this I started salivating at the thought of it.

Seeing how his results compare to mine.

Deep diving into what is working for him and why.

Checking it all out.

So when it launched I went out and picked it up immediately.

I was looking forward to seeing the kind of info you will find

in Inner Circle Solo Ads, where you see the buyers and the squeeze

pages promoted and all that stuff that gives context these

solo ad results.

When I opened it up.


I guess it’s OK.

He’s rated and graded the solo ad sellers on:

1. Opt in rate

2. Speed of delivery

and that’s really it.

Laid out in a PDF.

These metrics are fine at a high level and if

you want to base your solo ad buys on this then

yes pick it up.

Solo Ads Black Book

If you’re into buying solo ads (as we are) and want

to see the experience Matt has had with his solo ad buys

then yes pick it up:

Solo Ads Black Book

Don’t get me wrong.

There is a lot of value in there, it was just I wanted to

see more.

You know, not to blow our own trumpet or anything but

the level of detail we go into with Inner Circle Solo Ads

and Solo Ads Monthly is significantly more and the

data we provide is world class.

His is a great guide and does provide a service that you can


Chat soon,

Rob Stafford

PS. Coincidentally, in the next few days we are

releasing Inner Circle Solo Ads 3.0 with an all new Top 10 solo

ad seller list.

Real, actionable, deep dive, business intel.

If you are a customer of ICSA or SAM you will get the updated

copy, I’ll just let you know when it goes live.



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