Magic Money Formula – Matt Bacak’s New Product Review

Magic Money Formula

I was in the first 5 people to buy it.

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He always makes me actually buy his products, saying
“it’s more genuine that way” hahahaa 😀


First impression was:

Damn it’s long.

I put it on and started doing some things
around the house.

Before I knew it.

I had stopped doing the things I was going
to do.

Sat down and started to make notes.

I really got into it.

Just one of the points they make in it, is to
mail every single day.

This is a tactic that all the “big guys” are using.

Ben Settle – it is pretty much his main mantra to mail everyday. I’m on his list and I LOVE getting his daily emails

Andre Chaperon – has daily sequences setup when you join one of his lists. Good stuff.

Mark Thompson – has quoted on Facebook how much his profits increased through mailing his list daily or more frequently.

Just to name a few.

And it’s fun.

There is a lot of stigma or personal barriers
attached to what people think about mailing daily:

For example:

“I don’t want to be a spammer”

“What do I say?”

“What do I send them?”

“People will unsubscribe”

But at the end of the day these are not the things
you need to be worrying about.

Instead focus on:

– Value
– Quality
– Sales
– Frequently mailing

I’m a Ben Settle monthly member.
I’ve devoured most of Andre Chaperon’s courses
about email marketing.

So when something about – ‘what to send
your list’ comes out, I’m on it.

It’s awesome to listen to two guys who kill it online
through email chatting about it.

So, yes I recommend this (bonuses below if you pick it up)

Click Here to pick it up

There is only one thing I don’t like about it.

There is a funnel that is kind of umm “unfun” to
go through.

There is one OTO that looks good.

But then there is another OTO that was a bit much.

That’s just for me.

You might love it.

Might be a great product.

I don’t know.

I clicked away.

Just looked sh*tty to me.

And now to the bonuses.

There are three to choose from:

1. My relationship building emails

– this is a done for you sequence that you can pre load into your Autoresponder) – $27


2. My WordPress plugin squeeze page generator

– this is awesome with a pretty cool auto populate email feature that is great, seriously ninja stuff


3. List Smasher X

– How to build lists online quickly and easily
After you purchase just email me back
with the receipt and let me know
which bonus you want.

Grab it here

Chat soon,

Rob Stafford

PS. I’ve got something I want to tell
you about ‘Launch jacking bottom feeders’

It’s grindin’ on me!

I’ll send it out in a bit.

“You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl”

– Wayne’s World

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