Paul Prissick Solo Ad Review 2

Here are the results from the second solo ad run I had with Paul Prissick.

With this one I was able to secure a 20% discount on the solo ad by offering to pre pay for 3 months in advance. So I paid $305 for 3 200 click solo ads over the next 3 months. The price of the individual solo ad works out to be around $102 for 200 clicks.

Let’s take a look at the results.


200 Click Solo Ad for $102

CPC:  0.51c

Opt In Results

Unique clicks received: 325

Opt ins received: 145

Opt in rate: 44.60%

Cost per sub: $0.70

Buyer Results

OTO1 Buyers: 3

Buyer rate: 2%

OTO1 Price: $9.05 (price is averaged as it was increasing by 0.05c with every 3 sales)

Sales from OTO1: $27.15

OTO2 Buyers: 0

OTO2 Price: $4.95 per month

Sales from OTO2: $0 per month

Total sales from both OTO1 & OTO2: $27.15

Total Cost of Solo Ad: $74.85

Total Cost of new subscriber: $0.52


I did have higher expectations for this add off the back of the initial results, but I’m still get subscribers onto my list for just over .50c each, which is pretty sweet. The subs also did go on to buy some of the back end offers around solo ads, so overall the solo ad buy did kick into profit with some nice quality leads on there too.

If you are interested in picking up a solo ad from Paul Prissick you can get one here:

Let me know your results in the comments section or Facebook group.

Rob Stafford

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